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The Thursday Letter

January 16, 2020        
Dear PCS Community,
Pacific Collegiate School and the newly formed teacher’s union, United PCS, are pleased to announce final approval of a new contract representing agreement between PCS and United PCS. After months of negotiations, we are all very proud of this contract, which begins a new era in the life of our school.
This contract will strengthen what PCS has always been—a school focused on rigorous and exciting teaching and learning. This agreement codifies a clear system for the evaluation of teachers, improved compensation to bring teacher pay at PCS closer to surrounding districts, and continues our practice of involving teachers in school decision-making. We hope these changes will help the heart of PCS—the beautiful educational community that we are all a part of—continue to beat strongly into the future.
We want to take a moment to appreciate the efforts of all the folks involved in making this contract happen: the PCS Board of Directors, Diana Holm, Sikina Jinnah, Claire Grosjean, Chiara Grabill, Jaime Azcarate, Jenny Barchas, Kim Delaney, Tom Morell, Ken Olson, and Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz; Jim Young from the law firm of Young, Minney & Corr; Simon Fletcher; the PCS Bargaining Team, Heather Calame, Gabriel Cohn, Jamal Hunt, Trung Lai, Jae Pasari, Nirshan Perera; Ona Keller and Susan Midori-Jones from the California Teachers Association; and the rest of the PCS faculty and staff. We are grateful for the efforts made to reach this agreement and look forward to continuing our work together on behalf of students in the future!
Maria Reitano and the United PCS Bargaining Team