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Tech Support » Distance Learning Tech Support for Students & Families

Distance Learning Tech Support for Students & Families

Welcome to PCS Tech support. This page will answer some frequently asked questions.  If you still need assistance after looking through this page, feel free to contact support. 


Cómo cambiar el idioma del sitio de Pacific Collegiate School y Canvas

New to PCS?

For Families:

Getting started with Canvas for Parents/Introducción a Canvas en PCS '20-21

This PDF explains how parents gain access to Canvas. A definite must-read if you are not yet in Canvas! 

Overview of Online Systems at PCS

A one-page doc that briefly overviews of the online systems parents and students may use at PCS, with links to those sites and who to contact for support.

Intro to Canvas for Families New to PCS

A slideshow to introduce parents to some Canvas basics (What is Canvas? How is my child supposed to use Canvas? What is the best way for me as a parent/guardian to use Canvas? What do I do if I need help with Canvas?)

For Students:


Intro to PCS Google Apps, Canvas, Zoom and more for new Students '20-'21

A brief overview of must-use tools for students at PCS.

How to Download Zoom App & Join Meetings for Students

Detailed information about downloading and using Zoom.

How to login to your PCS email account for New Students

Here’s how to access your email account.


For answers to common problems please read through the FAQ before contacting tech support.

I forgot my password:

Call the front office 831-479-7785 or Ms. Daniels 831-222-0128

I’m trying to login to Canvas and I get a Google 404 Error.

This is because you are logged in to Chrome or something else on your device with an email account that is not your account. Sign out of all other accounts and sign in with your account. 

I’m trying to login to my class and it’s saying I’m not authorized to join the meeting.

You are not logged in to Zoom with your account. Follow these directions to logout of your personal account and log back in with your email.  Clicking ‘sign in with Google’ is the easiest way to get in, as long as you are signed in to Google with your account everywhere on your device.

The Chromebook I borrowed from school isn’t working well.

Contact Ms. Daniels and we will arrange to get you a different one.


The Zoom app isn’t working.

First try restarting your device. If it still doesn’t work, follow the steps below to uninstall & reinstall the app:

How to uninstall Zoom:

On Mac:

On Chromebook:

To delete the Zoom app on your phone or iPad, first make sure you're signed out of your Zoom account. On an iPhone or iPad, long press the Zoom app icon on your home screen. Click 'Delete App' at the bottom of the pop up menu to delete Zoom. On an Android phone, open the settings app, tap Apps & Notifications, then click See all app. Scroll until you see Zoom and tap on it. Select Uninstall to delete Zoom.

To delete Zoom on a Windows computer, click on the Windows icon and click apps if you don't see Zoom in your shortcut programs list. Scroll down until you find Zoom and right click on Start Zoom. Select Uninstall from the pop out menu. Find Zoom on the window that appears and click on Uninstall. Click 'Yes' to delete Zoom on Windows.

I can’t find the right link to my class.

Check the course home page in Canvas. If that link isn’t working, contact Ms. Daniels at 831-222-0128

I need help with Infinite Campus

Contact the PCS front office at (831) 479-7785. Ms. Daniels can NOT help with Infinite Campus issues!

I need to borrow a school Chromebook.

Contact Ms. Daniels & she will arrange for you to get one.

The internet at my house doesn’t work well. 

Contact Ms. Daniels & she will work with you to determine if there is a better solution for you.


For something that needs to be resolved immediately, call Ms. Daniels at 831-222-0128. She is available during distance learning hours. If it’s not urgent, email her at

If your issue is something that Ms. Daniels can’t fix, she will refer you to our IT administrator, Scott Crarey.


Make sure that your Zoom app is always up to date. Directions for how to do that can be found here: