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Support Services » Special/Specific Needs Support

Special/Specific Needs Support

Student Study Team (SST)

When a student experiences challenges within the school setting, PCS can conduct a Student Study Team Meeting as a way to formalize the review process and monitor overall progress. This process is a general education function. Administrators, teachers, parents, students, and specialists, as appropriate, meet formally to discuss a student’s relevant histories (medical, academic, behavioral, social), academic records, current concerns, strengths, challenges and any implemented past strategies. This information is used to develop a remedial plan to address the student’s identified needs. The plan is implemented by the student’s teachers and support staff. Student progress is monitored regularly and follow-up reviews are conducted within set time frames to access the student’s response to the implementation outlined within the remedial plan. If sufficient progress is made by the student, the proposed interventions may be continued or modified, as appropriate. If sufficient progress is not achieved, the SST may meet again and develop further modifications and access various support programs within the school. If the regular education resources have been exhausted and the corrective actions taken have not resulted in significant change for the student, a referral may be considered to the Special Education Department. PCS implements North Santa Cruz County SELPA policies and procedures in ensuring timely identification and referral of students, who have, or may have, such exceptional needs, and who may be found eligible for Special Education Programs.

English Language Learners (ELL)

PCS meets all applicable legal requirements for ELL with regard to the Home Language Survey and formalized assessment in language proficiency, including annual notification to parents, student identification, placement, program options, content instruction, and re-classification to fluent English proficient status. PCS maintains and implements policies to assure proper teacher qualifications and training, and proper instruction and program monitoring to evaluate effectiveness. PCS also adheres to the State standardized testing requirements for ELL students. Once students are identified as ELL, they receive specialized instruction by an ELL instructor through individualized learning plans that identify and define strategies, resources, and services needed in accommodating their learning needs. The overreaching goal is for students to acquire proficiency in English, be reclassified as proficient in English, and participate effectively in a curriculum designed for pupils of the same age whose native language is English. This reclassification process utilizes multiple criteria to determine if a pupil is proficient in English.

Section 504 Plans

Contact: Isaac Valdez
When a student demonstrates an objectively identified physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such impairment, or is regarded as having such an impairment, PCS adheres to the provisions within Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Section 504 Team assesses the educational impact of the impairment and the actions needed to provide the student meaningful access to learning within the general curriculum. Based on evaluative data, input from teachers, parent and other professionals, as well as the student’s academic performance history, an accommodation plan is created and distributed to all the student’s current teachers for implementation. The student remains within the regular program and generally does not receive direct services. This plan is reviewed annually, and adjusted as needed.

Special Education Services

Special education programs, services and placements are provided to all eligible PCS students in accordance with the policies, procedures and requirements of the North Santa Cruz County SELPA and State and Federal laws.
If a student meets State/Federal Special Education eligibility criteria as an individual with a primary disability(s) due to identified unique needs, measurable goals are developed through the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process. These goals are designed specifically to address the unique learning needs of the student as expressed through the assessment results and are paired with the appropriate supportive services. Such services are provided by a teacher who holds a specialized credential within Special Education and who collaborates with the student’s general education teachers. Services are planned to support growth in the goals developed and in the student’s progress within the general curriculum. The student is educated with both disabled and non-disabled peers and is encouraged, if desired, to participate in extracurricular/non-academic activities by adhering to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and PCS Athletic Policy. With each defined review period, a student’s progress is assessed relative to overall academic learning with the needed accommodations, and program adjustments are made accordingly.
PCS provides onsite Special Education services which include: Specialized Academic Instruction (Resource Specialist Program), Speech and Language Services, Secondary Transition Services, and Psychological/ Counseling Services. This list is not exhaustive, as PCS recognizes its obligation to provide or contract for any and all services agreed and consented to in a student’s IEP. Should the student qualify as a student with a low incidence disability (i.e.: visual, hearing, physical impairment), PCS has accessibility to Regionalized Programs within North Santa Cruz County SELPA in securing low incidence services for the student.