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Department Chair: Chris Marentette

Curricular Philosophy

Our world is amazing! Our goals are to create fun and exciting classes that will provide life-long learning skills while simultaneously instilling a love and appreciation for our unique planet and beyond. Our teachers provide real and personal examples of their particular fields which allow students to make connections from the course material to things that are important to their world. Through the understanding of major scientific concepts, hands-on laboratory exercises, and discussions about current research, we feel comfortable that students will be able to discuss current issues about biology, chemistry, and physics. Further, our courses provide the framework that will allow all students to succeed in college and to make thoughtful and informative decisions that affect their future.
Our teaching philosophy can be broken down into the following three main points:

Hands-On Learning. We will practice in class what scientists really do: observe, question, hypothesize, experiment, and draw conclusions.

Critical thinking will be emphasized. Learning content (facts) is important, but helping students to think like scientists (critically, logically, using justifications for arguments) is our emphasis. If the students are able to think like scientists, scientific facts begin to make sense and thus become easier to learn.

All students can succeed and excel. Classes are structured and taught in a manner that encourages all students to understand the material. There are many ways to learn science. We use a variety of teaching tools to inspire all learners. These include, class web pages, creative projects, on-line tutorials, in class skits, presentations, research reports, and long and short-term laboratory assignments.

Science Curriculum

Science 7, Life Science
Science 8, Physical Science
Conceptual Physics
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2
AP Environmental Science