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Staff Only » Reimbursements, and Deposits

Reimbursements, and Deposits



Please use the Reimbursement Form to submit expenses for reimbursement to yourself.  Please note the following:


  1. Reimbursement forms must be turned in monthly. Any reimbursement turned in more than 60 days after expenditure will be added to your W-2 taxable income.
  2. An original receipt must accompany all reimbursements (printouts for online transactions are fine).
  3. PCS cannot reimburse for any alcohol purchases (even wine given as a thank you gift).
  4. PCS cannot reimburse for gift cards of any amount as the IRS views it as income to the recipient.  
  5. PCS does not reimburse for bag fees. Please remember to bring your own.
  6. Reimbursement forms must be filled out completely, including address, because School checks are now mailed not merely placed in your internal mailbox. 
  7. Reimbursement forms must be signed by you as the requestor.
  8. The approver must sign the reimbursement before it is submitted to the Business Office.
  9. Any receipt smaller than an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper must be taped to an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper because we have to now scan in all receipts to send to our outside processor for payment. The reimbursement will be returned if this is not followed.
  10. If you are missing an original receipt, you must include a Missing Receipt Declaration form with your bundle. It must be filled out completely with an explanation as to what happened to the receipt.
  11. Reimbursements must be separated by School, Club/Sport or PVA. If you have expenses for a combination of these then they must be on separate forms.


Check Request


If you are requesting a payment be sent to someone else besides yourself, you need to fill out a Check Request Form.  The process and rules are the same as for the reimbursement process above.




Check runs occur at set times.  All invoices turned in the end of the day on Tuesday will be processed and sent to the back office company that Friday.  The checks will be mailed out from Southern California the following Friday.  If a request is submitted on Wednesday or Thursday, we will try to get it approved and in the batch for that Friday but no guarantees.  This means there is a minimum of a 10-day lead time on all payments.


Example: Check turned in by Tuesday, July 2nd will be sent to back office on Friday, July 5th.  Check will not be mailed out until July 12th.


There are NO exceptions to these deadlines We have no flexibility as to the schedule as it is dictated by the back-office company.

If you have any questions please ask us in the Business Office for clarification.
Please use the form below to record check and cash deposits to be turned in to the Business Office.

Purchasing (School Accounts only)


In order to help control purchasing and centralize it, there are changes to the purchasing process: 

  •     A Purchasing Authorization form must filled out and approved by either the Head of School or the Business Office prior to anything being ordered or purchased. The form must be attached to your Reimbursement Form/Check Request Form.
  •     All online ordering will now occur through the Business Office so that the school credit card can be used. Orders will be placed once the completed and approved Purchasing Authorization form has been received in the office.