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PVA » PVA Funding and Fund Requests

PVA Funding and Fund Requests

PVA Funding

Thank you to everyone who supports PVA fundraising at PCS.

Your participation in BASH, Drive for Schools, Escrip, New Leaf and Amazon Smile shopping programs allows the PVA to support PCS students and families in many ways. The PVA invests its funds in community-building events and in the support of student extracurriculars (sports, clubs, and other student groups) including:
  • Sport teams, clubs, and other student group block grants. These funds are distributed through the lunch service volunteer stipends.
  • Funding for Teams & Clubs for Start-Up Funds, Unexpected Costs or Emergency Needs
  • Welcome Back BBQ
  • Grandparent's Day
  • Finals Food
  • RAOK and other Faculty and Staff Appreciation Events.
  • Campus Workdays
  • Parent Education Forums
  • Student Government Class events and year end events
  • Gifts to PCS and Special Projects (e.g. amphitheater and stage, etc)

PVA Funding Requests

While teams and clubs are expected to be self-funded at PCS, limited funding is available from the PVA for start-up costs or for one-time unexpected costs or emergency needs for existing programs. Specifically, teams or clubs can apply for limited funding if their need fits one of the following criteria:
  • Start-up funding to support new student activities or clubs, not to exceed 50 percent of the club’s or activities’ first year’s budgeted expenses.
  • Funds to enhance existing activities and clubs to better serve the student body.
  • Funds to cover unexpected or emergency expenses for existing programs, activities, or clubs.
To be eligible to apply for PVA funding an extracurricular team or club must have an approved GAFAA and budget for the current school year.
To apply please use the PVA Request for Funds Form. The application should be submitted to the PCS Business Office. The PVA Leadership Team will meet to review and vote on this application within four school weeks of submission.