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Paula Kenyon

Paula Kenyon by Randy Garrett, Math Teacher 

Paula Kenyon graduated from Chico State, with a BA in American Studies. Her primary interest was the museum studies program. While in school, she worked with kids and became curator of a teaching museum, the Museum of Anthropology, on the Chico State campus. Every year she would put on an exhibit.

While in college, her daughter attended a Montessori preschool. This suited her daughter well as she was creative and unconventional. When it was time for Paula’s daughter to attend first grade at a conventional public school, she started a Montessori elementary school so her daughter could continue with Montessori education. Paula got the administrative and teaching staff established and ran the institution for 12 years. After she left, the school she founded was converted to a charter school.

Paula’s interest in curating and teaching continued to flourish. After she got a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies at Chico State, she moved back to Santa Cruz and began working in a nonprofit environmental education center in Palo Alto. She trained volunteers and supported an education team. She was approached after the sudden departure of the development director and switched over to this task. She loved it. The aspects of outreach, education and creating opportunities for donors to invest in the work of the nonprofit truly spoke to her. She learned that development work requires her to love the mission of the institution she is serving.

She transitioned to a job back in Santa Cruz, and after working at Kirby and a few other educational nonprofits for a while, she saw the opportunity at PCS, where she has been for the last five years. She finds PCS to be thoughtful and well organized.   In fact, she thinks that PCS is one of the most thoughtful institutions she has worked for. This is why she vigorously throws herself into her work every day.

When not working for PCS, her passions outside of work include doing creative things. She likes to play with ideas, plan events and make beautiful things. She works with fabric and paper pulp, makes pottery and has the secret dream in life of running a Bed and Breakfast, where she could teach a variety of classes. Paula loves to cook and decorate. She loves experiential learning and she is excited to have a new young student in tow, her two-year old granddaughter, Lillie.

We are glad that she is here at PCS!