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Parking and Traffic Guidelines » Parking and Traffic Guidelines for the PCS Community

Parking and Traffic Guidelines for the PCS Community

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zones

The map above indicates safe pedestrian routes (in blue) and bike (in pink). While these routes may not always be the shortest path, they are by far the safest in terms of using marked crosswalks and avoiding conflicts with cars.


Please approach school using the south (ocean) side of Mission Street and use the crosswalk at the base of campus.


There are two recommended safe drop off and pickup areas. The safest is through the school parking lot right in front of school. If you choose to drop off somewhere outside of campus, it makes the most sense based on our observations to use the west side of Natural Bridges Drive, eliminating the need for students to cross any major streets. Keep in mind that there is no crosswalk at this time to get kids safely across Natural Bridges Drive where it meets Mission, which is why dropping on the other side of the street is the safest option.


If students are approaching along the north side of Mission Street via foot or bike, they should cross to the south side of Mission further up the road at the designated cross walks, and not wait until the sidewalk ends.


Arriving before 8:00 or after 3:30 will substantially reduce your chances of sitting in traffic.


On-Campus Parking

We do not have permission to use the parking lot across the street at the Housing Authority or Toadal Fitness or in the hotel parking lot. Please be respectful of our neighboring businesses. Please do not block their driveways while waiting to pick up or drop off.
The parking spots marked STAFF are reserved for staff members displaying the staff permit. COMPACT spots are for any other PCS community member. We have two 10 minute visitors’ spots.


Bicycle Safety

Please look out for bicyclists when you are coming and going to school. It is the safest option for students to get off their bike and walk starting at the crosswalk at the base of campus.
Please require your children to wear bicycle helmets when riding bikes to and from school. It’s the law, and we want them to be protected in case of an accident.



Please understand that the campus supervisors are regular parents putting in their work hours and serving the school while trying to help keep our kids safe, prevent fender benders and keep traffic flowing.


Towing Notice

Effective Thursday, 2/4/16, ALL vehicles parked in PCS’s parking lot in non-marked spots (such as along curbs or in front of gates) or in inappropriate marked spots, are subject to being towed at the owner's expense. This is a safety issue. The parking lot needs to be clear to allow emergency vehicles access in the case of an emergency. Thank you for your cooperation.