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PVA » Volunteer Opportunities and Parent Service Hours

Volunteer Opportunities and Parent Service Hours

Parent Service is Essential to PCS and Your Student’s Success

Our Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) offers parents opportunities to work together to support our students and the school. PCS operates with a minimum of staff and spends its precious funds on academics to the greatest extent possible. This means that a variety of support and facilities items are minimally funded with the expectation that parents will make up the difference. The truth is, without parent volunteer hours, the school wouldn't be able to offer the exemplary programs that PCS is known for.
This is why parent participation is emphasized in our school's charter, and why we ask every family to try to accomplish at least 40 hours of service work each year that their child is enrolled at PCS. While we understand that not every family can give their time at that level, we want to meet families where they are at and encourage every family to participate to their best ability. Volunteering your time at PCS is a great way to engage with the school community and build lasting relationships during your student’s time at PCS. 

It’s our goal to make the process efficient, well-communicated, and reliable. Please visit ParentSquare and search for posts by the Parent Volunteer Association to learn more about volunteer opportunities. When you do volunteer, be sure to log your hours in the system. By logging volunteer hours, you help PCS access grants by matching the value of time that you give to the school.

Always feel free to email [email protected] with any questions. We very much want to hear from you and encourage feedback on all aspects of family life and engagement at PCS.

Whether you are a new PCS parent or are back for another year, here is what you do to get started:

  • Look for Volunteer opportunities on ParentSquare and search for posts by the Parent Volunteer Association, and keep an eye out for emails from the PVA.
  • Attend PVA meetings, events, and Parent Education evenings to get connected.

Thank you for being a PCS family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are PCS families required to volunteer 40 hours per year? We challenge every family to lean in at the level of 40 hours per year, but this is not a requirement. We want to meet families where they are at, and all volunteer hours are valued. Please know that there is great flexibility as to when and what parents do.  Parents volunteer to do whatever best suits their skills and schedule.  Many parents volunteer far more than the requested 40 hours.

What is the average number of service hours worked per family? About 40, but many families work far more, and PCS couldn't focus its resources on providing the outstanding education it does without the extra efforts of these families. We appreciate and value any and all time that our families can give. Volunteering is a wonderful way to stay connected with the school and enhances your child’s experience while at PCS. 

How do you track volunteer hours? Once you volunteer, please track your volunteer hours through ParentSquare here.
Can I create my own job? Absolutely. If you see something that needs to be done at our school or you have particular skills you would like to contribute please propose your job to the PVA leadership.

Who do you mean by the word "we" as used on this page? The PCS Parent Volunteer Association or parents of PCS students.