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Lunches are available daily, and menu options are below. Lunches are $6.50. All lunches come with a choice of fruit or side salad.  All of our fruit is organic and, with the exception of bananas, purchased from regional farmers at our local Farmer's Market.  Pizza day meals come with a piece of fruit and a side salad.

Lunch payments can conveniently be made through the parent’s Infinite Campus account, no cash is accepted in the lunch line. lunch money will be debited electronically from the student’s lunch account. At the point of sale, students will enter a password to receive their lunch; the amount of each lunch will then be debited from the deposited funds.  

Please note: cash will is not accepted in the lunch line. Parents can add funds to their child’s lunch account at any time and can easily keep track of the existing balance and what items their child is choosing during lunchtime. Deposit funds to your child’s Food Service Account on Infinite Campus following prompts on the “Payment” tab.

Students are always entitled to one lunch meal every day, regardless of account balance.  Accounts must be in the positive for students to purchase additional meals, snacks or beverages.  





Thurs, Feb 27th Pizza My Heart

 2 Slices w/ side salad AND fruit

Cheese, Pepperoni, Olive or 

No Cheese Bell Pepper and Olive (V)

 OR  Greek Salad Meal w/ seltzer AND fruit  (GF)


Friday, Feb 28th -Viva’s Organic

Black Bean Quesadilla w/ side salad or fruit

Chicken or Veggie*

No Cheese Black Bean & Veggie (V)

                         Just Bean & Cheese*

Taco Salad(GF): Chicken or Guac(V) -cheese on side(DF)


Mon, March 2nd Viva’s Organic

Pasta w/ side salad or fruit

Turkey Bolognese w/ mushroom and parmesan

Turkey Bolognese w/ mushroom  (DF)

Vegetable Marinara w/ parmesan*

Vegetable Marinara (V)

Turkey Bolognese over Brown Rice/ dairy on side (DF/GF)


Tues,  March 3rd Pana Food Truck

Arepas w/ Venezuelan slaw or fruit (GF)

Chicken & Cheddar

Chicken, Avocado, Plantain  (DF)

Black Bean & Cheddar *

Black Bean, Plantain, Avocado (V)


Wed,  March 4th Viva’s Organic 

Burrito w/ side salad or fruit

Chicken or Veggie* - Pinto, Rice, Cheese, Cabbage

Guacamole, Pinto, Rice, Cabbage  (V)

Just Bean & Cheese*

Burrito Bowl - Chicken (DF) or Guac (V)  / side cheese (GF)


Thurs, March 5th Pizza My Heart

 2 Slices w/ side salad AND fruit

Cheese*, Sausage, Mushroom* or 

No Cheese Spinach & Red Onion (V)

 OR  Greek Salad Meal w/ seltzer AND fruit  (GF)


Friday, March 6th -Viva’s Organic

Rice Bowls w/ side salad or fruit (DF)

Sesame Chicken or Tofu  (V)

Chicken & Steamed Veggies over Brown Rice (GF)

*Vegetarian, (V) Vegan,  (GF) Gluten Free (DF) Dairy Free


In conjunction with providing healthy lunch food options this year for our students, PCS is requesting non-nutritional snacks, e.g., donuts, cupcakes, candy, chocolate, soda, etc., no longer be allowed on campus for sale or distribution.  Per Ed Code 49431.2 and PCS Healthy Student Protocol, these non-nutritional snacks can be available 30 minutes before and after school, just not during the school day.  

Thank you for all you do to support our students.

Lunch Menu Calendar