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Laila Rall

Laila Rall by Liz Musal, Community Service Coordinator/Study Hall Monitor

Growing up, Laila bounced around a lot, spending time in London, Spain, Hawaii, Texas, Nevada, and Florida. She attended eight different elementary schools before falling into a pattern of spending a year or two in Spain followed by a year or two in Hawaii.

As a child, Laila fell in love with books and words. Literature was both a fanciful escape and a tool for self-understanding. More broadly, education was the single most important influence in shaping who Laila has become. As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, she immersed herself in words and language, finding great pleasure in both its depth and in its frivolity. Volunteering at a local elementary school, she stumbled upon the convergence of her passion for language and her deep desire to help guide youth on their educational journey. Soon after, Laila enrolled in a masters and teacher credential program, and started teaching in 2003. With its twists and turns and changes in speed, Laila likens working with youth to the Giant Dipper ride: compelling, exhilarating, and humbling. She finds teaching deeply gratifying and feels very fortunate to be part of the PCS community. She finds joy in working with passionate colleagues and students in a school that fosters thought and creativity and prepares students so well for advanced education. She finds it particularly fun to guide students through their curiosity of language and culture and help them increase their knowledge and communication skills.

Besides her love of teaching and language, Laila loves to travel with her husband and two children. Some of her more memorable expeditions were the majestic peaks of Machu Picchu; a wreck dive 107ft down in the crystal clear Pacific waters; crossing the street in Phuket; the adhan (call to prayer) ringing through an alley in Turkey; and a myriad of other distinctive and captivating sights, scents, and sounds from around the world. Along with cooking, reading, and playing Scrabble and poker, Laila also enjoys Crossfit, Spartan obstacle races, and backpacking trips. She is eager to explore the two continents she hasn’t visited yet and one day hopes to pen the final word of the memoir she’s been writing.

The globally nomadic lifestyle of her youth and her adventuresome spirit has made her an amazing foreign language teacher and we feel so fortunate that she joined the PCS staff.