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Janelle Christensen

Janelle Christensen by Stephen Taylor, Athletic Director

Janelle was born and raised in New Zealand.

She received a Bachelor of Arts from Canterbury University in English and Politics. After graduation, like many Kiwis, she headed overseas backpacking for two plus years. Precisely the amount of time required to realize she needed to go back to school to further her education, so she went back and added Information Systems to her knowledge base 

Janelle has always been an avid learner. Each time her employer of the time needed her to learn something new she found a course to help her with that and has since gained a collection of skills that have helped her along the way.

Janelle was based in the United Kingdom for a number of years, working as a nanny in between her own travels. She spent a year living in Colorado and then moved back to the UK with her husband and worked between travelling to his sailing regattas. She’s held so many jobs of varying intrigue, but a more memorable one was when she worked for the Royal Navy of Oman while they were building a battleship in Southampton, England.

Travelling has been the basis of most of her adult life, and each year Janelle and the family still try and find the opportunity to travel somewhere new. The family finally based themselves in one place when they moved to Santa Cruz in 2007, with their two daughters Maddy and Bonnie, who were 8 and 4.

They entered Maddy into the PCS lottery for 7th grade on the say so of a friend and she was lucky enough to win a place. Janelle signed up to fill her volunteer hours helping in the office and 5 years later the opportunity to apply for the attendance position presented itself. The timing for her was perfect. She was delighted to be offered the job and working in the school with her then senior and 8th grader was a real gift.

Her eldest is attending the University in New Zealand, and she is now getting feedback from her about how and why she feels PCS has set her up for success now that she is in college. Most notably her daughter is grateful to have in place systems and methods to take notes, to extract relevant information from readings and to do so quickly.

Janelle is avid reader and gardener but despises gophers! She loves being active in the outdoors, listening to podcasts, making arts & crafts and spending time with friends and family.