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Linda Dennis

By Wes Winter, Science Teacher

The PCS Journal is the first news source to reveal the identity of the masked superhero, The Hiking Houdini. The unknown-till-now individual is none other than Linda Dennis, the school’s Special Education Teacher. 

Linda Dennis is what many people call a superhero. Does she wear a cape? Does she have super powers? You bet she does! Insider information from her college, San Diego State, said that those were the best, safest years the school had seen in a long time. Her English teacher, Miranda Bandana, said she always knew Linda was special because she found inspiration from books like Love in the Time of Cholera and television characters like President Jed Bartlet from The West Wing

Linda Dennis, better known as the Hiking Houdini, travels the world saving people and animals from all sorts of danger. While she claims that the scariest thing she has ever done was to fall from the sky in a 6-person airplane, we here at PCS now know it was solely due to her that six souls were saved that day. From that day forward she travelled to Canada, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Madagascar, Thailand, and Borneo. 

The last sighting of Linda Dennis was in Santa Cruz with her sidekick David “The Dennis” Dennis, and their hound of hope, Ziggy Stardust. Sources say that everything Ziggy licks turns to gold! Linda fights for the good of mankind and she teaches because she knows that equality does not mean fairness. She is the hero this city needs and the hero this city wants. 

Remember PCS, you heard it here first… Linda Dennis is The Hiking Houdini.