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Course Registration

Course Requesting Procedures

  1. On your Course Selection Form (see below), circle the courses you wish to take next school year. You must also list alternative course choices in case you cannot be placed into a class.  Discuss your choices with your parents and have them sign your Course Selection Form.   These courses will become your schedule.


  1. It may be necessary for the school to change your selections because of:
    1. Over-subscribed courses
    2. Conflict in schedule (2 or more classes taught at the same time)
    3. Cancelled classes due to lack of enrollment
    4. Ordinarily, you will be contact and these changes will be discussed with you. However, if you are not available or time does not permit, a change will be made based on the alternatives you have listed and what appears to be appropriate for your best interests.


  1. CHOOSE CLASSES CAREFULLY.   The Master Schedule is designed around student choices.  Courses and the numbers of each offered are determined by what students request and every effort is made during the summer to provide students with a schedule based on their requests, meeting teacher constraints, and balancing classes.  Therefore, students are committed to their schedule requests unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Dropping a class is generally NOT allowed because the Master Schedule is designed around course requests which are based on the education needs and interests of students.  The exception to this is a student who is placed in a class who did not meet the prerequisite.

 Return you completed Course Request form to your English Teacher by February 26, 2018.  If you have any questions about your course selections please contact the following people:

11th/12th Grades       Dean Partlow             [email protected]

9th/10th  Grades        Todd Harrison           [email protected]

All Grades                  Barbara Smith           [email protected]