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Chad Paeglow » Chad Paeglow

Chad Paeglow

By Todd Harrison, Dean of Students

Surfers are travelers and Chad Paeglow is no exception. Travelers and surfers have to eat so Chad realized at an early age that cooking was an easy way to keep himself fed, meet people, and support the surfing and traveling lifestyle.

Born in upstate New York and raised on the East Coast, Chad spent summers learning to surf in Maine. Growing up, Chad was exposed to the wonders of nature and what it had to offer. With camping, skiing, and summers on the ocean, Chad was active and reveled in nature. He was also given the opportunity, at 13, to work with an older sister at a restaurant as a dishwasher. Soon, he had the chance to help at the grill; before he knew it he was learning how to thrive as a short order cook, cranking out a high volume of food in a short period of time, and learning how to make good food. 

Through high school and into college, Chad used food and cooking as a way to sustain his active lifestyle. Chad attended NYU, and on a school trip to Turkey met his wife, Suzanne. When she signed up for AmeriCorps and was stationed in ​Albany, California, Chad decided it would be a good idea to drive cross-country to Santa Cruz; he knew from looking at surf magazines that Santa Cruz had great surf. He arrived in 1995, and once here, he knew he could convince his soon-to-be wife to move down from Berkeley. ​

Since then, Chad has worked at Stanford, and developed food service programs in Scotts Valley and at Google. He loves to teach people how to use local, sustainable ingredients to make delicious and healthy food. He prides himself on educating people about how to eat better and make good food choices that improve their long-term health, as well as the health of our planet.

Chad has traveled all over the US, parts of Europe, ​and Central America, and would still like to see Asia, South America, as well as return to Italy​. He and his family remain active in camping, skiing, surfing, ​gardening, and other outdoor activities. His wife is a teacher at Saratoga High School and his son, Jamie, is an 8 year old entering third grade at Westlake.

You’ll see Chad around PCS mostly in the Student Center, as he is our new Food Services Coordinator. Please welcome Chad to the PCS family!