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Kyla Painter

Kyla Painter by Kristen Rivers, Academic Support Specialist

Prone to ad hoc performances on the roof of her childhood playhouse, often negatively labeled “bossy” as a kid and shamed for being too talkative and effusive, Kyla (pronounced KAY-la) Painter has matured into an elegant, articulate and graceful young woman. We are so fortunate to have her teaching our Science 7 course, bringing her love of Biology and learning to PCS.

I had a lovely time getting to chat with Ms. Painter and learn a bit more about what is behind her kind smile. True Crime, that’s what! You might never have guessed, but there it is! She happily read Helter Skelter this summer and loves true crime dramas. When asked what super power she would choose, she enthusiastically offered up time travel. When queried, she stated that traveling forward in time was not her interest but rather what fascinated her was going back in time, especially to meet those she was related to. We connected over this notion, wondering how cool it would be to see yourself in the face of a great, great, great grandmother, or to share a personality trait that ran through multiple generations, one that shows up in yourself, too.

Her favorite travel memory as a child was visiting Mt. Rushmore while on a cross country trip. When asked why, she laughed,” Well honestly, it was the ice cream I got that day that I remember most!” Kyla is engaged to a CHP officer and will be married in November of 2018, adding a husband to a life already centered around her loving family. Spending time with her parents, brother and adored nephew takes precedent to anything else she could choose to do. 

When asked what her first impressions of our students were, she replied that the kids are all welcoming, curious, engaged and polite. A much loved child who was supported and encouraged to follow her dreams, she feels she is successful because of that loving support. Kyla now hopes to infuse her students with the same passion for lifelong learning. As a legacy, she feels especially compelled to open their minds to the field of science and all of its potential to transform our world for the better.