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Community Service

PCS has adjusted Community Service expectations for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 in response to COVID-19 public health guidelines:

What is the PCS Community Service expectation?

Middle School (7th and 8th) students must complete at least 10 hours of community service per year. High School (9th - 12th) students must complete at least 20 hours per year.

How can I complete my service hours this year?

We understand that these are extraordinary times, and that opportunities for teens to complete community service hours through non-profit agencies in Santa Cruz County are currently limited. PCS has temporarily waived the requirement that service hours be completed with a non-profit agency.

To complete 2020-21 PCS Community Service hours, students may

  • Participate in a variety of PCS activities and leadership opportunities that will be offered to fulfill community service hours.
  • Complete on-site or remote service through a non-profit agency.
    (See the “Upcoming Opportunities” link for suggestions.)
  • Provide assistance or service to a family or community member in need (e.g. yard work, errands, etc.)
  • Correspond with someone who is shut-in or isolated due to COVID-19 or evacuated from their home due to recent fires.
  • Send letters, emails, or text messages to government officials or representatives to advocate for causes or changes they support.
  • Design their own service opportunity. We can help!

How do I certify that I have completed my service hours?

Parents/guardians will confirm the completion of Community Service by signing each student’s service log. Email completed service logs to Ms. Musal (

When are my Community Service Hours due?

  • Grades 7-11: Community Service hours are due on the first day of the following school year. Contact Ms. Musal if you need an extension.
  • Grade 12: Community Service hours are due by May 1st. Excess hours from previous years will be applied to this year. Contact Ms. Musal to work out a plan for completing required hours.

How do I organize a Community Service project for a group?

Community Service opportunities for groups of students require administrative approval prior to posting or announcing. Once the activity has been approved, the community service opportunity can be promoted among the student body/groups of students. Please contact Ms. Musal ( for further assistance.