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Welcome Back Alumni!

Dear Alumni,
We trust that whatever you have chosen to pursue after graduating from PCS is nourishing to you and providing fulfillment. Whether it has been a year or two, or even ten or more since you last attended PCS, you have not been forgotten. In fact, we hope your relationship with PCS does not end at graduation, and that you continue to have a connection with PCS. Why do we hope that? Well, you are the fulfillment of our mission, the reason why we exist in the world. We strive not only to help our graduates prepare for and enter college, but also to thrive – in whatever career or life choice they embrace.
You are as important to us now as you were when you were a student here, maybe even more important. We helped you attain the skills and the confidence needed to set and achieve goals. You excelled, in big and small ways and you defined your own accomplishments. We look forward to you bringing back the stories of your challenges and successes – we want to celebrate with you, just as we did when you attended PCS. Like proud parents, it makes us happy when you reach for the stars and succeed.
You also continue to help us shape our current program. Through surveys and on-site visits to PCS, we learn about what you liked and didn’t like about PCS, and how we can make our program better. We welcome your mentorship to our current students and recent graduates. As you did when you were here, your support of younger PCS students – sharing advice and tips on how to succeed – is still appreciated. So please, stay connected and get involved! Choose the ways that work best for you. But above all else, find your way back to PCS from time to time.