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Support Services » Academic and Emotional Support

Academic and Emotional Support


PCS teachers provide individualized support to all students. Each has regularly scheduled office hours outside of class time, and students can also seek teacher support during Tutorial Period on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Students can also request a meeting before school, during lunch or after school, if such times are more convenient.


Canvas (login required) is an online learning management system that connects teachers and students in and out of the classroom. Students can access documents, assignments, and grades. Additionally, they can interact with other students and their teachers through private messaging and discussion forums.

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus (login required) is a computerized information management system which contains an array of pertinent information such as demographic data, health notices, class schedules, transcripts, report cards, and attendance.

Grade Level Teams

Each month, grade level teams convene to discuss student successes and challenges. This time together also provides the teachers an opportunity to consider the variances of student learning and behavioral patterns based on subject area, teacher expectations, and developmental stages.

School Counselor

Contact: Isaac Valdez
In further supporting 7th and 8th grade students, the School Counselor meets with all students individually at least once during the academic year, collaborates with their teachers, and meets with parents, as requested and/or appropriate. This staff member reviews student grades; monitors student progress and adjustment; attends monthly 7th and 8th grade level meetings; and provides instructional, organizational, and behavioral support to individual students, as needed, and participates on Student Study Teams for students in these two grades levels. In addition to these services, this professional coordinates and supervises the Peer Tutoring Program for all grades. He/she assists all students in conflict resolution and behavioral regulation.

Vice Principal/Dean of Students

Contact: Todd Harrison
Support is provided to students in 9th and 10th grades by the Dean of Students, who guides students in taking charge of their learning and becoming a self-advocate. This professional works with students to review grades and progress; to arrange appointments with instructors for individualized assistance, to consider subject alignment, and to manage course loads.
In addition to providing support specifically to students within these two grades levels, this professional also oversees all behavioral issues. This professional interacts directly with all students, teachers, and parents to find resolution to conflicts and wrongdoing, while outlining actions to be taken to address the misconduct.

College Counselor

The College Counselor actively meets throughout the year with Juniors and Seniors, as well as their parents, as appropriate, in reviewing completion of graduation requirements. Focus is primarily placed on guiding students in exploring their career interests, as well as navigating the college selection and admission processes.

Outreach Coordinator

Contact: Valeria Miranda

PCS is committed to recruiting and sustaining a student population that reflects the diversity of Santa Cruz County. In addition to outreach and recruiting activities, this professional works with identified populations of students and their families to navigate entry and success at PCS.


Peer Tutoring Program

National Honor Society Members and older PCS students, who have been selected by faculty, are nominated to serve as Peer Tutors in specific subject areas. These tutors are asked to commit to weekly tutoring days, either before or after school, or during the Wednesday/Thursday Tutorial Periods. Tutoring is conducted under the supervision of a master teacher. While students can ask for a Peer Tutor, students can also be assigned mandatory participation by a parent, teacher or school administrator until academic improvement occurs.

Math Tutoring

Contact: Randy Garrett
On Monday and Tuesday afternoons, teachers within the math department conduct small group and individualized tutoring sessions after school, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students are free to attend these sessions at their own discretion. In some instances, struggling students may be assigned to these tutoring sessions by an administrator and/or their parent for a designated period of time for skill improvement. While all the teachers are able to address a wide array of math topics in providing tutorial support, the teachers do rotate, and it is suggested that students check the schedule to see who is assigned on particular days.

Student Support Team

Contact: Todd Harrison
This group of educators consists of the Vice Principal/Dean of Students, College Counselor, Academic Support Specialist, and Director of Special Education. Together, they conduct weekly reviews of the progress and needs of students who are experiencing notable challenges in learning, social adjustment, familial situations, health, etc. Students are assigned to one of these professionals. They meet with the student; monitors progress; interface with his/her parents as needed; communicate and plan with teachers; develop actions plans in areas of need, and investigate relevant resources.

Tutorial Period(s)

Twice a week, students can participate in a 45-minute study period. Students have the opportunity to meet with their teachers; study with peers or study groups, work within the computer centers, and/or simply work independently. The library, a supervised quiet study area with computers and printers, is also available to students during this time.

Study Hall

Contact: Liz Musal
During the school day, PSC offers a staffed Study Hall for ninth through twelfth graders. This is held in the Library, a quiet study environment, where students have access to computers and technology.