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While PCS was on vacation this summer, one of PCS’s longtime supporters organized a group of volunteers to complete a number of projects that both enhanced and refreshed the facility. This person worked throughout the summer on everything from patching pot-holes and installing outdoor seating, to painting walls and cleaning furniture. The goal was to ensure that every student walking through the doors on the first day of school entered a facility that reflected their commitment to learning.
Despite the fact that Pete Rode’s son graduated from PCS in 2016, he still finds time to ensure that every student has the same great experience his son had. “Working with other PCS parents to create a great environment for our kids is fun,” says Rode, “and knowing that every dime we save the school is money that can be invested in programming instead of facility maintenance makes it all worthwhile.”
While facility maintenance is the current focus of his volunteer activities, he has also volunteered for numerous other events including the Back-to-School BBQ and BASH, the (PVA’s) popular community gathering and auction, which raises funds for activities such as the educational speakers series, extracurricular PCS student activities, and when funds allow, some larger projects for the school.
Rode’s other volunteer commitments for PCS have included PVA and board leadership. Rode also played a pivotal role in finding and refurbishing PCS’s new campus as president of the PCS Board at the time, working closely with Tom Morell, then President of the Pacific Collegiate Foundation board and Simon Fletcher, PCS’s Principal. Rode “retired” from the PCS board in 2016, but can (thankfully) still be found often at PCS, still helping in a variety of capacities and enjoying the many friends he has made in the process.
As Rode puts it, "The value of parent volunteers in a public charter school like PCS can never be overestimated, and for me it’s always been a great way to connect with other parents who share a commitment to public education. And it’s fun… did I say that already?”
To learn about volunteer opportunities, or to join forces with PCS’s upbeat school champion, contact Gail McNulty at or go to the PVA section of the website.