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Lunch Options

  Smart Snacks in School - USDA     

In conjunction with providing healthy lunch food options this year for our students, PCS is requesting non-nutritional snacks, e.g., donuts, cupcakes, candy, chocolate, soda, etc., no longer be allowed on campus for sale or distribution.  Per Ed Code 49431.2 and PCS Healthy Student Protocol, these non-nutritional snacks can be available 30 minutes before and after school, just not during the school day.  

Thank you for all you do to support our students.       

Lunches from different local restaurants will be on-campus daily on a rotating basis.  Student lunches cost $6.00.

Monday-Bocca Allegra Pasta

Tuesday-Chinese -Rice Bowls

Wednesday- Burgers

Thursday-Pizza My Heart

Friday- Burritos


*PCS Lunch cards  - in 10 meal denominations ($55) and 5 meal denominations ($27.50) Credit card purchases through our PayPal account are preferred.   Please include your student's name and under 'Designate Event' input lunches. 

 * Cards with punches still on them from the 2015/2016 school year will still be honored. 

 Liz Musal in Study Hall will have your card available 24 hours after ordering online. Pickup times are before school, break and lunch.


** IMPORTANT:  Should your student lose their card, a new one will need to be purchased.  No credit or refund will be given for lost cards!  * *

Student Name:
Designate Event/Club/Team/Dept

Once cards are purchased, please allow a 24 hour turnaround time so staff can have your student’s card ready.  Cards can be picked up in Study Hall before school or during break.