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School Safety Plans

School Safety Plans
The Safety Plan for Pacific Collegiate School is consistent with the Countywide Safety Protocols (COE) and California Standard Emergency Management System (SEMS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).   Given our unique school community geographically and its physical plant we have adjusted these accordingly.  Each situation will have to be evaluated and dealt with individually using these as our guide.

Our basic plans for any emergency are in the Disaster Plan Policy.

Two especially important pieces to remember:

1)If there is any question that the school might be closed or closing, know that we will be contacting the COE (County Office of Education) and they will be calling the local radio stations.  Listen to the radio.  We will also activate a moving marquee on the website saying the school is closed.  And we will use our One Call Now system to contact families via phone, text, or email depending on the situation. 
2)If an early release from school is necessary, students will only be released to parents or those you have authorized on your emergency contact list.  I.D.’s will be required.
On a day to day basis we rely heavily on parent volunteers to help us with student safety before school, at breaks and during pick-up time in the roll of Campus Supervisors.  Additionaly each semester the school conducts 3 drills - earthquake, fire and lockdown - so that we are all well versed in how to respond to these types of situations.
Any questions may be directed to Barbara Smith, School Safety Coordinator at