Welcome to the Parent Volunteer Association (PVA)
As a parent or guardian at PCS you are a member of the Parent Volunteer Association (PVA). The PVA works to support our students and the school through parent volunteerism. Volunteer opportunities are shared on the PVA website and through frequent notices in the electronic newsletter "Today's News". The PVA also builds community at our school through volunteerism, community events, and parent education. Additionally, we support extra-curricular teams and clubs with unexpected costs, emergency needs, and start-up funds. Finally, we facilitate communication among parents, the Board, and the staff and faculty through our bi-monthly meetings and through electronic communication. We welcome all families to PCS and look forward to working with you! 
PVA leadership elected for 2016-2017
Board appointed Co-Chair: Gail McNulty
Treasurer: Heather Babcock
Secretary: Sara Bassler


Upcoming PVA Meeting

Our first 2016-2017 PVA Meeting was Thursday 8/18 from 7:15-8 pm in the PCS Student Center

(Immediately following the New PCS Parent Night)

Thank you to everyone who attended!


Grade Parents

7th Grade
Mary Heid mary2heid@yahoo.com
Catharine O’Neal catharinegeo@gmail.com
Christine Chen hopeknitlove@gmail.com
Genie Bennett bennett.genie@gmail.com
Heidi Luckenbach heidi.luckenbach@gmail.com

8th Grade 
Despina Rieke despina@cruzio.com
Alice Crumrine respokenlove@gmail.com 

9th Grade 
Christi Voenell christi@coho.org
Sue Armstrong susankarmstrong@gmail.com
Christy Borkowski 5BlueLabs@gmail.com

10th Grade 
Daryl Tempesta warptheuniverse@gmail.com
Anna Hackenbracht koohack@comcast.net
Shannon Moseley shanniemoseley@yahoo.com 
Renee Sharp reneebsharp@yahoo.com

11th Grade 
Isabelle Nelson isabelleenelson@gmail.com
Rose Tran rose.tran@sbcglobal.net
Elise Williams elise.williams@gmail.com
Meena Garg gargweb@gmail.com

12th Grade 
Sharmaine Cheleden scheleden@yahoo.com
Lauren Tobin loopyt@gmail.com
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We are a public charter school. We ask parents to volunteer 40 hours each year to support operations, events, and activities at PCS. Below are some of the many opportunities for volunteering. Volunteering is a wonderful way to support PCS and to become more involved with our PCS community. We report volunteer hours to our chartering agency and as part of our accreditation. Please join us.

  • Parking Lot Assistant (help with drop-off or pick-up)
  • Lunch Supervision (help supervise students during their lunch break)
  • PCS Office Volunteers (help in the office, meet students and families): contact : Jennifer Speirs
  • Campus Workdays (help with school projects and maintenance - weekends) contact : Brian Corser
  • BASH (Building A Scholastic Heritage) Organize Dinner and Auction to support PCS (scheduled for Saturday, March 4, 2017) Gail McNulty
  • Green Team (keep our campus events green, help clean dishes at our events) Contact : Nicole Anderson and Lydia Corser
    Nicole and Lydia are looking for new Green Team Leaders who would work with them to learn the ropes in the fall and then take over this winter. Please contact them if you would like to help keep PCS events green.
  • Dance Chaperones: contact: Sandy WhitmorePlease contact Sandy if you would like to help plan for Dance Chaperones this year. 




Sign up for current volunteer opportunities listed on our Online Directory here.





Lunch is Available at PCS Daily


The PVA works with a variety of local restaurants to bring food in every day for students. Vegetarian options are available. Lunch can be purchased with cash for $6 or using a pre-purchased lunch card (sold at a slightly discounted rate). 

LUNCH cards are available for purchase online. Lunch cards can be purchased for 10 lunches @ $55 or 5 lunches @$27.50. Lunches can also be purchased with cash for $6. Credit card payments are preferred and available through our website! PCS staff needs a 24 hour turnaround to get the cards ready. Cards may be picked up in study hall before school and at break. Lunch cards are punch cards and carry over to the next school year if lunches are remaining on the card.

Additionally, students can purchase snacks and drinks for $1 each. They are not included as part of the lunch price. More information about lunch options will be available soon. 

PVA Agendas & Minutes
Meeting minutes and agendas are maintained on file in the office as well as on the Agendas and Minutes tab to the right at the top of the page.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact PVA at  pva@PCSED.org  Thank you.