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Student Support at PCS

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Student Support at PCS
Initial Support
Academic Base Camp
Incoming seventh graders, after they have been selected through the lottery, are given assessment tests in English and Math.  Based on performance in these areas and parents request, students are chosen to participate in a two-week “base camp” in August before the beginning of school.  The goal is to bring students up to speed in these two subject areas and introduce them to some basic technology skills that will help them better handle the coursework they will have in seventh grade at PCS. 

Emotional & Social Support:  ( (
WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) is a transition program that welcomes new students and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year at PCS. Built on the belief that students want to and can help other students succeed, the WEB transition program trains older, experienced PCS students to be WEB Leaders. As positive role models, WEB Leaders are motivators, leaders and teachers who guide new students to discover strategies to be successful at Pacific Collegiate. WEB is a yearlong program that allows new students to build relationships while feeling safe and comfortable under the watchful eye and guidance of the WEB Leaders.  WEB begins with Orientation, which includes small group teambuilding activities. WEB continues throughout the school year with social follow ups providing for WEB Leaders and their groups to reconnect and further build relationships outside of the classroom.

Study Skills and Technology Class: (
Additional support is offered through a full-year class for seventh graders that is designed to help students with the continued development of study skills based on the recommendation of the teachers of the Academic Base Camp, a seventh grade core teacher, and/or the Academic Counselor.

Academic Support Specialist:(
The Support Specialist (7th/8th grades) conducts individual meetings to review Infinite Campus, work on organization and planning skills, and to offer emotional and social support to middle school students. 

Parent and student’s initial source of information on student progress:
Infinite Campus
Teachers input current student grades, progress in classes, attendance, and behavior on Infinite Campus.   Teachers, Academic Counselor, staff, parents and students may all access a student’s IC account to check on his or her progress.  In addition, teachers may communicate information about student to parents on IC notes. 

The Teacher as First Responder
Teacher Office Hours: (
All teachers have regularly scheduled office hours outside of class time.  Students are also able to request a meeting outside of the office hour time (before, during lunch, or after school). 

Study Hall: (
PCS offers a staffed study hall for ninth through twelfth graders during the school day.

Peer Tutoring Program: (

National Honor Society Members and Upperclassmen who have been chosen and screened by faculty are nominated to serve in specific subjects as Peer Tutors.  These tutors are asked to commit to weekly tutoring days, either before or after school, and during the Tuesday/Thursday tutorial sessions built into the school day. Tutoring takes place under the supervision of a master teacher.  Students experiencing difficulty in a class may be required by a teacher to attend tutoring a certain number of days a week for an established duration of time. Parents can also refer students for extra help. This year Peer Tutoring hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30 am – 8:15 am Room one, 3:15 pm – 4:30 pm Study Hall, and during Tutorial in various classrooms.


Special Support for Individuals with Disabilities & Special Needs
Disabilities include physical or mental impairments, which substantially limit a major life activity; and the student has documentation and a history of such impairment.
Student Study Team: (;
If all other efforts fail, teachers, parents, and/or administrators may request a study team meeting (SST).  The Study Team consists of the student, his/her parents, Recourse Specialist, administrator, and all teachers of said student.  This group meets to discuss the student’s progress in each of his/her classes.  This meeting is meant to help identify problems and to suggest solutions and/or strategies for the student to improve his/her progress.  The SST is the preliminary step in referral to any other support service (IEP, 504, Study Skills, Directed Studies, ELL/ESL).  
The ELL Specialist works with English Language learners.  Students are placed in ELL based on the CELDT (California English Language Development Test).
504 Accommodations
Students with verified disabling conditions (generally medical, but can also be psychological or emotional) work with the Academic Counselor to develop a 504 plan.  504 plans offer limited accommodations (preferential seating, quiet and/or extended time for tests, etc.) to help make school, classrooms, and other educational settings more accessible to students with disabilities.  These accommodations are meant to level the playing field and create greater accessibility for the disabled student in the learning environment. 
Special Education: (
This program is directed by our Special Education Coordinator, Dr. Katie Merchant, and serves students who have a documented disabling condition that adversely affects learning in a substantial way.  An Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is developed for the student to help teachers accommodate the special needs of the student. Services provided on-site, for identified students only, include Resource Specialist, Workability, Hearing Impaired, and Speech & Language Programs.