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Graduation Requirements

 PCS Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a high school diploma from Pacific Collegiate School (PCS), a student must:

1.  Earn at least 220 units (22 courses) in grades 9-12, fulfilling the following subject metter requirements:

English – 4 years in Grades 9-12 (40 units)

Must include English 9, English 10, and at least one of: AP English Language, AP English Literature.  May include two semester-long elective English courses designated by the administration.


Math – 3 years (30 units)

Students graduating before 2015: Must have passed both Algebra 2 and Geometry

Beginning with the Class of 2015: 3 years of math must be taken in grades 9-12, and student must have passed both Algebra 2 and Geometry.


Science – 3 years of lab science in grades 9-12 (30 units)

Must have passed Physics, Chemistry, and AP Biology.


History – 3 years in grades 9-12 (30 units)

Must include World History 9, AP World History, and AP US History.


Foreign Language – 3 years of same language (30 units)

May be taken in grades 7-12; or completion of level 3 of a foreign language.


Visual and Performing Arts – 3 years in grades 9-12 (30 units)

No more than 10 units may be earned for Dance Studies.


College Preparatory Electives – 3 years in grades 9-12 (30 units)


2.  As part of 220 units, earn at least 50 units (5 courses) of Advanced Placement coursework at PCS. Required – AP World History, AP US History, AP Biology, and at least one of: AP English Language, AP English Literature.


3.  Meet the PCS community service requirement – 10 hours per year in grades 7-8, and 20 hours per year in grades 9-12.


4.  Pass the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE), a requirement under current law.

Transcripts of students entering PCS after 9th grade will be reviewed for available credit.  Exceptions for students with accommodations under Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act or an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be approved by the Principal on an individual basis.

Adopted by the PCS Board on March 10, 2010.


UC a-g Requirements

English - 4 years (must be grades 9 - 12)
Math - 3 years (Algebra 1+) 4 recommended
Science - 2 year (Lab Science)
History - 2 years
Foreign Language - 2 years
Visual and Performing Arts - 1 years
College Prep. Electives - 2 years