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The course of study at Pacific Collegiate School focuses on the traditional core curriculum areas of mathematics, English, science and history as well as additional emphases on foreign languages, fine arts and community service. At Pacific Collegiate School, it is the expectation that all students will take Advanced Placement (AP) classes in most subjects by the time they are in the 11th and 12th grades; AP classes consequently form an integral part of the basic curriculum. Beginning in the 7th grade, classes prepare students for success in upper-level AP curriculums. With this in mind, accelerated students, who have the requisite skills, may advance into classes well beyond their years. A gifted 8th grade math student could enroll in Calculus; or a keen student of language could enroll in AP French in the 9th grade. This breadth of vertical alignment is unique, but it is essential for preparing students to excel in a rigorous college atmosphere. In addition, Pacific Collegiate School has an international focus that recognizes the need for global perspectives. For this reason, students are required to study and become proficient in at least one foreign language. Pacific Collegiate School also recognizes that education in the fine arts, both in terms of performance and appreciation, builds an aesthetic understanding that remains with students for a lifetime. Pacific Collegiate School’s community service requirement engages students in public service inspiring responsibility and personal growth and motivating students to consider and act upon issues of social justice and civic responsibility. Through community service we hope to foster a commitment to a lifetime of effective participation in public life. The community service program promotes and provides students with structured opportunities, fostering collaborative relationships with individuals, organizations and schools that address problems and build upon assets of local and global communities.