The Thursday Letter



April 20, 2017


Dear PCS,

Thank you to everyone for your willingness to be a part of the solution to our traffic congestion at the end of the school day.  I completely understand that many of you have had to change your routines and that our new policy may be less convenient.  I hope you have noticed that with our collective efforts we have dramatically improved the situation.  In the first two days, we have reduced the traffic backup onto the adjacent public streets.  As we have an obligation to our neighbors and to public safety in general, it was imperative that we solve this problem.  Once again, we demonstrated that a willingness of all to chip in leads to incredible results.


As you settle into your new pickup routine, I just wanted to remind you of a few suggested ideas that are working for some people:

  • If possible, aim to pick up a few minutes after 3:15.  By 3:30, most of the congestion has disappeared.
  • If you arrive early, you can find a place to park and wait on Natural Bridges drive.  Then, either have your child(ren) walk to meet you there or head over to the school parking lot once you are sure they are out front waiting.
  • If you arrive at the school and your child is not ready, feel free to park in any available parking spot so you don't have to circle back around or hold up traffic.
  • When you leave school, turning right onto Mission Street extension towards Shaffer St., then onto Highway 1 could help you avoid the busy areas around Natural Bridges and Western.
  • Carpooling is always encouraged, though I know this gets more complicated in the afternoon with kids heading to so many different activities.
  • Bike riding is also encouraged - we recommend forming a bike group similar to a carpool if you are concerned about your child riding alone.

On a separate note, thank you to those who have returned spirit shirts with the Pepe image on them (see my letter from last week).  We have a generous offer from a PCS parent to take all of these shirts and repurpose them into jump ropes, which she donates as toys to children around the world.  Please take a moment to see if you have one of these in the house, and consider returning it the school office.  We will keep track of who has returned them and offer a replacement shirt and an entry into a raffle. 






Simon Fletcher