The Thursday Letter



February 23, 2017     


Dear PCS,


Since the adoption of our latest Strategic Plan last fall, I have occasionally focused on a particular aspect of this plan, both to highlight the important work we are doing and also to ensure that we are staying focused on our goals.  One of the goals in the plan, which has always been a central part of the PCS mission, is to increase diversity within our community.


Over the last few months, our Diversity Committee has been focused on two main priorities.  The first priority was to conduct a search for our new Diversity and Outreach Coordinator, a position that plays a central role in helping the school reach its diversity goals.  After a very thorough search process, we were lucky to bring Silvia Morales into the role.  She has spent her first months on the job immersing herself in the PCS culture, and is already bringing new ideas and enthusiasm to the efforts.  As the Diversity and Outreach coordinator, Silvia's role is to help PCS increase diversity through improved outreach methods and increased student and family support.  If you have any questions about diversity at PCS or would like to check in with her about support or outreach, please feel free to contact her at  silvia.morales@pcsed.org.


The other major effort of the committee this year has been to draft the new Diversity Status Report and Action Plan.  This plan highlights the substantial work PCS has done over the years to increase diversity within the community, as well as outline concrete goals and actions to follow over the next few years.  Once approved, this plan will essentially provide a roadmap for Silvia and our Diversity Committee to support the Strategic Plan goal of increased diversity.  You can review the latest draft of the report, which the Board will be set to approve at their meeting next month. 


PCS in unique in providing access to the highest level of college preparatory classes to all students in the school.  Our belief is that any PCS student, regardless of their cultural or socio-economic background, can be successful in this college preparatory environment.  We also know that all student s benefit from learning with and from a diverse group of people that bring a different perspective and set of experiences to the classroom.  With the incredible group of volunteers we have in place on the Diversity Committee, and through the work that Silvia has begun, we are absolutely committed to even further enriching the vibrant community at PCS.







Simon Fletcher